Facebook is reducing the organic reach of business page updates. This means that you either need to pay more for ads or look for ways to improve your engagement rate, which can result in increased organic reach.

In this article, we look at top 5 ways to improve engagement for improved organic reach on Facebook:

5 strategies to increase your organic reach on Facebook

1. Get creative


Since Facebook is a social networking platform, your reach depends on your engagement levels. Any posts that attract the most comments, likes and shares are often the ones that bring the highest gains. So get more creative and get your followers to like, comment on and share your posts. Give tips, host polls or ask questions. Simply put, add value to your content and give your followers a reason to comment, like and share.

2. Add compelling visuals to your content

Posts that are accompanied by an image create the greater effect than those without images. Every post that includes an image makes the message clearer. It also helps your posts to stay wholly on the brand. These kinds of updates will contribute to ensuring that your message is well communicated, which ultimately leads to better comprehension of your intended message.

3. Add a call to action

Actually, this is one of the best ways to improve your organic reach on Facebook. If you want more comments, likes or shares, request for them. And you can be sure; your followers will do exactly that and help you increase your organic reach. But of course, you need to make sure your updates are worth sharing.

4. Plan your posting times

The best time to post content on your Facebook page will depend on a number of considerations, including when your target audience is most active. Many businesses tend to update their Facebook pages consistently throughout the week but drift off during odd hours and weekends. Nonetheless, for many companies, the average number of likes tends to increase even at these times. For instance, the late evenings can see an increase in likes especially because most people are free and active on social media at that time.

5. Don’t forget to engage your audience

fejwvi43wt43g43gr4t34No one wants to leave a comment on a Facebook page and then hear a pin drop. Instead, people want to feel appreciated. Real users want to connect to real pages. They want to feel special. More importantly, they want to know your company is paying attention. Even if all it takes is to “like” their comments, do it.

The organic reach of your Facebook page is extremely important to your digital marketing efforts. The greater it is, the more people you can reach with your updates. That means more engagement, traffic, and ultimately sales. Now that you know the various ways to improve your organic reach on Facebook, implement them and see the results.