Social media has been one of the most effective flatforms of advertising nowadays. People have seen the significant effect of social media as a means of promoting products, media, and promotions not only locally but even internationally.

Many companies now utilize the advantages of social media as a promoting and advertising tools. Given that almost everyone has at least one account in a given media, it is not hard for people to create an impact and influence other people on the same platform. With Instagram alone, influencers are able to gain followers through the aid of third party applications.

These applications are used to increase the scope of people influenced by their advertisements. For example, with Instagram, companies are willing to pay influencers for every thirty thousand followers that a person is accounted for. So it means that the more followers a person or influencer has, the more profit they could get from advertising a product.

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How do you choose the perfect third party application for you?

There are already tons of applications ready for your usage up on the web, but choosing one among hundreds of them might be a tasky thing to do. Here are some characteristics that you should take note of before choosing one.

# 1 Popularity

Many influencers have used these types of applications for their accounts. With the use of these, they are able to multiply the number of followers and subscribers that they have, which means more income for them. Commonly, these users have specific preferences for their accounts. They share which ones have worked perfectly for them to other users who aim to have the same effect for their accounts.

# 2 Price

These applications offer services at a cost. Different services will correspond to the amount that they would charge a user. Although many companies offer cheap services, they are not entirely the same as the others. It is a great idea to compare the prices and services of different applications and weigh which one is better.

# 3 Reputation

These applications must have been able to gain reputation through time. Choosing the one that has a more exceptional reputation will help you feel more secure for your account. Better reputation will give you an idea of how they have been with their previous transactions and services.

# 4 Security

Of course, security must always be a top priority when choosing a third party application for your growing account. Choose an app that offers a security package that will surely take care of your account.